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As Skål International is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to provide travel professionals and business leaders in the Tourism and Travel sector with a summary of press releases, official statements, and keys from regulatory bodies and government ministries to have an objective perspective on the global situation of COVID 19 at all times.

Remember that your health and safety are always our top priorities.

Please follow all the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and your national, regional, or local health authorities.

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World Tourism Organization


Putting People first. The tourism sector, like no other economic activity with social impact, is based on interaction amongst people. UNWTO has been guiding the tourism sector’s response on several levels.


World Health Organization 

Coronavirus disease outbreak

A website where you can find information and guidance from WHO regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease.


International Air Transport Association

Updated information by country

List of countries with restrictions updated day by day.


World Travel & Tourism Council

Media Center

Latest Press Released to keed updated.


Pacific Asia Travel Association 

COVID-19 Weekly Recap

A weekly recap of facts, stats, official statements and key resources on COVID-19.




Skål International statements, resources and corporate news

India First, Moving Ahead

8th April 2020

Entire Travel & Tourism, Aviation, and the Hospitality sector are going through troubled times. The question which all of us in the National Board has been debating is: "How do we add value, be relevant & keep the spirits boosted for our Skålleagues".

That´s why Skål International India organizes the webinar series on Zoom: Skål International India: India First, Moving Ahead.

Skål International Philadelphia hosted a COVID-19 Town Hall

8th April 2020

Skål International Philadelphia hosted a COVID-19 Town Hall event, regarding the impact of the pandemic in the Philadelphia market.

Skål International Rome COVID-19 Survey

04th April 2020

Results of the survey made by Skål International Rome regarding the COVID-19 crisis.

Executive Board support for the global COVID-19 situation

16th March 2020

In this really tough time, I want to communicate the Executive Board’s support of you and our confidence in you and the travel industry’s ability to respond and recover from the impacts of this disastrous COVID-19 Virus.

Skål International stands in solidarity with the victims of the Coronavirus

10th March 2020

Skål International announce several steps to assist Skål International's membership with the coronavirus epidemic.

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